Who are we?

VFM Real Estate
VFM Real Estate emerged out of passion for real estate.

We carry out development projects based on based on years of experience and the desire to create unique places to live. Rapid growth is in our DNA!


VFM was created by combining a passion for real estate and a desire to set the direction on the market. The company was founded by three partners – visionaries, who decided to combine their knowledge and experience, creating a development company of the future.


VFM stands for Value For Money – we provide our clients with tangible benefits in an appropriate price. We turn dreams of one’s own apartment into reality by carrying out our projects with people in mind. We successfully introduce the highest standards used by the market leaders in our developments.


Our aim is to create developments with local communities and residents’ needs in mind. We aim to positively influence the development of smaller towns and set trends on the market. We see the future in what we do. Our intention is to be the leader on the market and create trends on the Polish development market.


We are guided by quality, which is a key to success, integrity, on which we build trust, unity as we know that by working as one team we are stronger, and commitment because we know that putting our whole heart into our projects will be appreciated.

Some statistics

VFM specialises in development investments and rental-oriented residential projects. We actively operate on the Łódź market and in towns near Warsaw.

VFM residential developments stand out for their well thought-out concept, functionality and top standards. We approach our projects individually, refining the concept and design in every detail. We build with people and their needs in mind, using high quality materials, market knowledge and extensive construction and real estate expertise. Our group of companies involves a general contractor – VFM Construction, which allows us to fully control the entire process of investment execution and the quality of conducted works.

Corporate social responsibility

As a company, we consider social interests, environmental aspects and relations with different groups, especially employees, in our activities.

We are not only creating a friendly workplace, high levels of client satisfaction, local communities and participation in projects to help others, including those supporting environmental protection, are equally important to us.

In the company
We encourage in VFM physical activity and work-life balance. We offer our employees development and training as well as numerous benefits, including medical care. Our office is equipped with air-purifying plants and we adapt the place of work to the needs of each team member. On the construction sites of our developments, it is crucial for us to ensure the safety of our employees - we provide protective clothing and modern equipment that meets all health and safety standards. We are committed to making everyone at VFM feel comfortable, regardless of where they perform their duties. We respect the other person and their values, which is why we rely on integrity and honest dialogue when building relationships.
Caring for the environment
We actively search for new possibilities and ecological solutions that we can implement both within the company and in our investments. We support the initiative of planting flower meadows in the area of Sochaczew as it is an important aspect of taking care of the microclimate and biodiversity of the city. VFM development projects include, for example, energy saving LED lighting, green areas with plants, bicycle storages. We design buildings to maintain the continuity of thermal insulation and avoid heat loss. In future projects, we plan to introduce a number of new ecological solutions, including EV charging stations, heat pumps, recuperation, retention tanks and solar panels.
With people in mind
We are engaged in social campaigns aimed at helping those in need and we support the activities of local initiatives and football clubs. We know how important it is to shape the loyalty of existing contacts and to build trust. We also don’t forget the needs of families, senior citizens and people with disabilities. That is why our investments include recreation areas, bicycle storages, lifts from the garage level, parking spaces for people with disabilities. All the materials we use have the relevant hygiene certificates and approvals, and are fully safe for the health of future residents. People’s needs are a priority in our actions and guide the direction of VFM’s development.

Our CSR activities