Mortgage broker

Are you interested in buying an apartment from VFM with a loan?
Get support from a proven and trusted financial expert!

Our Mortgage b broker will check your creditworthiness and help you get a mortgage on the most favorable terms for you. The cooperation is comprehensive and includes dealing with all formalities with the bank for you.

And most importantly, this service is completely free.

Benefits of working with a broker

  • Assistance of a dedicated financial expert
  • Comparison of offers from several banks
  • The whole process at no extra cost to the client
  • Assistance in choosing the most advantageous mortgage deal
  • Independent and impartial financial advice
  • Comprehensive preparation of mortgage documentation and applications
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Full supervision of the entire mortgage process

Mortgage? That’s easy!

Learn about the step-by-step process of receiving a mortgage decision.
Step 1.
Visit at a VFM Sales Office or an online meeting
Step 2.
Discussion of property financing options with a broker and calculation of creditworthiness
Step 3.
Conclusion of a reservation agreement for your dream apartment
Step 4.
Comparison of offers and selection of the best deal. Preparation of documentation and mortgage applications by a broker
Step 5.
Analysis of the application and the bank’s decision to grant a mortgage
Step 6.
Signing of a pre-sale agreement at the notary’s office and conclusion of a mortgage agreement at the bank

Fitout works

As part of the purchased apartment, after signing the pre-sale agreement, we enable our clients to modify the original plan of the apartment and create an interior tailored to their lifestyle, comfort and personal habits.

In order to adjust the original vision of the architects cooperating with VFM and to adapt the apartment to individual needs, it is necessary to notify us as early as possible of the need to make changes in the apartment design, in order to prepare their evaluation and to conclude a contract for fitout works. Introducing expected design changes prior the completion of a certain construction stage allows our Clients to save money and time.

What can the Client change in the design of their apartment?

  • place of partition walls, their complete removal or construction of additional sections,
  • location of internal doors in the apartment and change to their width,
  • location of radiators in the apartment,
  • the route of electrical, RTV, satellite TV, Internet and telephone installations, including the relocation and increase of, for example, lighting points, switches, electrical and telecommunication sockets (telephone, Internet and TV),
  • location of utilities and household appliances (induction hob, electric oven, refrigerator),
  • Introduction of other modifications – to be agreed individually with VFM.


The best time to apply for fitout works is soon after concluding the pre-sale agreement. In order to do so, within 30 days of receiving the technical documentation of the apartment (blueprints, i.e. the sanitary, electrical and teletechnical installations), you should send a written application for fitout works in the purchased apartment to

Please do not hesitate to contact an engineer representing a given development, who will help to dispel any doubts and will answer any questions. Information about which engineer is assigned to which development project is provided by the VFM Sales Department:

The valuation of the works is based on a price list for fitout works, which is separate for each Project, and may depend on the stage of the development’s construction. Based on the reported fitout works, a cost estimate for the works is prepared for final approval by the buyer.

In order to apply for the execution of fitout works, the client should consult the design and vision of their apartment with an architect and, together with the application for fitout works, submit the relevant technical drawings, drawn up and signed by a qualified designer (it is also possible to use the support of VFM’s architect). Introducing all modifications is possible after VFM’s prior acceptance and conclusion of a contract for fitout works.

Fitout works do not cover:

  • modifications that are substantial within the meaning of the Construction Law and require changes to the Construction Permit,
  • alterations to the building structure and façade,
  • alterations to installation shafts,
  • alterations to the type, size and layout of window joinery,
  • changes to the function and purpose of the unit,
  • division of apartments,
  • actions resulting in the necessity to introduce changes in neighbouring units.


Apartments offered in our developments are sold in a shell and core condition, which allows for individual arrangement and finishing of the interiors according to the preferences of our clients. Especially for them, a new product has been introduced to the portfolio of some VFM Real Estate investments - fitout packages.

We are aware that each client has their own needs and a vision of their dream apartment. We have decided to respond to them by offering, in cooperation with experts, comprehensive turnkey interior fitout. VFM buyers can choose one of the offered fitout packages and decide which range of products suits their preferences best. We take care of the rest: we provide professionals, supervise their work and ensure the highest quality fitout within the specified deadline,

Fitout packages advantages

Apartment fitout stages

Package selection
Conclusion of a fitout contract
Design development by an architect
Fitout works
Delivery of a completed apartment

Are you interested?

Contact us to get more details on fitout works, interior fitout or a mortgage broker dedicated to a given development.

Warranty services

Each VFM client under the existing warranty may reportdetected physical defects in the purchased property within 5 years from its acceptance and request the Developer to remove them, while the warranty does not apply to defects arising from works performed by the Buyer on their own,  the actions or omissions of third parties, normal wear and tear of the Product or its elements, improper use of the Product, i.e. not in accordance with the Instructions for Use received upon acceptance of the Product.

Products purchased by VFM clients (that is, an apartment, parking spaces, underground garage spaces, garages, storage rooms and bicycle storages) are covered by:

  • 5-year warranty for a property,
  • 2-year warranty for technical equipment,
  • 2-year warranty in case of using the fitout of a Product within the fitout packages.

If defects reported by a buyer are recognised, VFM shall be obliges to repair or remove them.