Katarzyna Pawelczyk


With VFM, I have clearly defined and satisfactory terms of employment. The company’s well-established position on the market gives me a sense of security and stability, and as it grows […]

Jarosław Brola


I value VFM above all for the team’s professional approach and commitment to achieving the established goals. What I like most about my job is the team atmosphere, where we […]

Radosław Witkowski


With VFM we are satisfying a very important social need which is security, that is, a home. We create small apartments and entire residential complexes so that everyone can find […]

Dominika Pośnik


Working at VFM has given me the opportunity to find a field in which I feel comfortable and develop my interests. It turned out that work doesn’t have to be […]

Magdalena Ofiarowska


Working at VFM offers a wealth of opportunities and incredible room for growth. The dynamic nature of the company’s activities means that there is no place for boredom! Every employee […]