Dominika Puchalska


Dominika is an authorized architect on board the VFM. He coordinates and conducts projects at every stage of the investment – starting from preliminary analyses of the absorbency of plots, […]

Aleksandra Świetlicka


Ola is responsible for preparing the construction production. It collects the necessary information necessary to submit a tender offer, participates in talks and preparation of contracts with subcontractors. At work, […]

Marek Kliszcz


Marek at VFM is a construction manager, organizes and supervises the execution of construction works in accordance with the building permit, construction project and applicable law and technical knowledge. His […]

Martin Hampejs


Martin supports the construction manager in supervising and coordinating the execution work on the construction site, controlling the timeliness and quality of the work performed.

Marcelina Matuszewska


Marcelina supports the communication in social media, creates content and moderates discussions. She is responsible for updating and building investment websites. She takes care of the graphic consistency and advertising […]

Marta Skórka


Marta is responsible for the formalities related to the lease of apartments in VFM investments in Łódź. In her daily work she deals with offering units for rent, supports the […]

Beata Stryjewska


Beata at VFM oversees comprehensive office operations, takes care of the correct circulation of documents, information flow and the impeccable image of the company. Her duties include keeping a register […]

Sebastian Dębski


Sebastian makes every effort to ensure that the various works associated with VFM developments are performed to an appropriately high standard. He deals with technical and quality acceptance, planning and […]

Aleksandra Jagodzińska


Ola actively supports the Finance and Accounting department in their day-to-day tasks. Her duties include completing registers, archiving documents and verifying the circulation of invoices and other financial documents. On […]

Adam Pochwała


Adam supervises the work carried out by subcontracting companies. He takes care of the quality and controls the quantity of the work carried out. He also handles, for instance, the […]