Behind the success of VFM are people

VFM is made up of people full of passion and experience - each of us is a professional in their field.

Competence within the real estate, construction and finance markets allows us to comprehensively care for the high quality of the services and products offered.

The combination of personality, talent and knowledge of all employees results in the dynamic development of the company and a unique atmosphere both in the Team and in relations with Clients and Contractors.

Hungry for knowledge on trends, we participate in sector events, external trainings and observe the situation of the real estate market in Poland. We also draw inspiration from abroad. We learn valuable lessons and gradually try to implement new solutions within our company.

We believe in the idea that the whole Team works for the success of the company.

VFM Management

One of the three founders of VFM. Financier and innovator implementing modern technological solutions at VFM. He uses his analytical thinking skills to create strategies and make top-level decisions while taking care of every detail in everyday challenges. He focuses on scaling the VFM business using lean management and optimising internal processes. He manages VFM’s finances. He works tirelessly towards his goal. He demands quality and professionalism in every task, above all from himself.

Maciej Mądry

Chief Financial Officer | CFO

He is an experienced commercial and residential property manager and the originator of establishing VFM. He manages projects from the strategic side as well as the team responsible for sales, land development and marketing. He successfully uses his leadership competencies to coordinate our developments.

Michał Zaczkowski

Chief Investments Officer | CIO

A qualified civil engineer with extensive experience in property development projects and unlimited construction licences in the structural and civil engineering and road construction specialisations. He oversees the technical aspects of all the VFM’s projects and manages the team responsible for the creation of our projects. No stage of construction keeps secrets from him.  

Konrad Ziółkowski

Chief Technical Officer | CTO